Citizens serving citizens.

AFAAL is a social and political platform that empowers citizens to implement civic projects and find solutions to the problems we face daily in Lebanon.

What is AFAAL

AFAAL is a platform for citizen engagement in public issues. It is decentralized, cooperative and democratic. Citizens gather into blocs that work in a bottom-up, independent manner and create their projects for the benefit of the community. Through AFAAL, citizens have access to all other blocs for cooperation.


AFAAL’s projects are initiatives brought to us by citizens wanting to implement solutions on the ground to daily problems we face at the community level. Projects vary from field work to policy research, and volunteers propose and manage their projects autonomously.

AFAAL acts as a civic accelerator by providing support to projects and enabling cooperation between citizens at the community level.

Pitch a Project

Got a solution to daily problems we are facing? You have a civic project in mind but do not know how to go about it or where to find volunteers that will implement it with you? AFAAL is the platform where solutions become reality.

Support AFAAL

To be able to sustain its commitment to civic projects carried by citizens for the benefit of citizens, AFAAL needs all type of support that can be offered. We are thankful for in-kind donations, financial donations, expert help or any other means of support.